Tour Leaders (CEO)

Fluent in English and Spanish, Swahili, Portuguese, Italian ... ?

Are you a well-organized, flexible, people person with a good sense of humour?

If you answered yes to the above questions, we may have the adventure job that you've been looking for. G Adventures CEOs are responsible for making people's holiday dreams come true. Their backpack is their office, the local hostel is their bed for the night and the commute to work might be a boat down the Amazon or a game drive in the Serengeti. Our passengers have diverse ages and interests and a multitude of different reasons for embarking on a trip. For most clients the only G Adventures employee that they will have contact with is the CEO. The main responsibility of a G Adventures CEO, therefore, is to help them to explore their particular areas of interest and to make sure all passengers have a fun, safe time. The level of success of each trip is determined by the leader.


The following preferences should help you decide:

East Africa nationals fluent in Swahili


Nationals of SE Asian countries OR foreigners who have resided / extensively travelled in the region with extensive knowledge of the region, preferably residing in it


Nationals of the region OR foreigners who have traveled or lived in Central America and speak fluent Spanish

EUROPE (seasonal April-October)

Only Nationals of EU countries with valid passports are eligible to apply for positions in Europe. It is necessary to speak more than one continental European language. Currently seeking leaders who are fluent in French, Italian and/or a Central/Eastern European language.


Peruvians OR residents of Peru who speak fluent Spanish


Nationals of USA and/or Canada. Clean driving record and a minimum age of 23. Experience with van driving and towing and a commercial drivers license preferred.


Nationals of Australia and New Zealand, with a clean driving record (minimum 2 years), and 23 years of age or above. Commercial drivers license and/or experience driving commercial equipment or large vans preferred.

What is required in order to be G Adventures CEO?

Excellent People Skills:We look for people who have a good sense of group leadership and who have demonstrated these skills in past experiences.

Awareness of, and Commitment to, Sustainable Tourism: We look for people that are committed to environmentally and culturally responsible tourism.

Commitment: G Adventures hires CEOs to live and work in abroad for 18 month contracts. We feel that it takes time for you to learn the skills that make a good leader and that once you have learned these skills we want to have you around for a while!

Resourcefulness: We need CEOs who have a good head on their shoulders and are resourceful and able to take action to resolve problems as they arise often in times of stress. Leading can be pretty frustrating at times and we need people who are able to take charge and deal with local circumstances...the common "how do we get around this landslide" type of problems and probably many we haven't even thought of yet!

Bilingualism and language skills: All of G Adventures tours are operated in English so a good command of the English language is mandatory. Knowledge of the local language is not mandatory in many of the areas we travel, however we do look favorably on applicants that can offer our clients extra insight into local communities and cultures through knowledge of their local language. Note: for some of our destinations it is mandatory that you speak the local language. South and Central America are a good example of this.

Good health: It may seem obvious but we do need leaders who can handle the daily stresses both mental and physical, of often long and tiring days, be they a 13-hour bus ride or a long days trek with a difficult group of passengers. You have to be the friendly, happy leader even when it's raining and you've got diarrhea!!

First Aid/CPR Certification: CEOs must be prepared to act in any type of emergency. Standard First Aid Certification and CPR is required at the start of a contract to ensure your ability to assist with minor injuries in remote locations. The costs of certification are the responsibility of the new leader.

Background in basic accounting/budgeting: Experience working with budgets or developing a personal budget is an asset. Knowledge of Excel is a real bonus.

Computer literacy: Knowledge of internet/E-mail/Microsoft Word/Microsoft Excel is an increasingly important asset.

If you think you have what it takes and could handle a job that takes you to some of the most amazing places on earth, feel free to download the document below which contains more detailed information on the position and how to apply.

Detailed tour leader job description

Things to keep in mind BEFORE you apply:

  • Online is the only way to do it! Please do not email us with attached resumes or send them by fax as they won't be accepted. The online form below gathers specific kinds of information required from each applicant.
  • Only the qualifying candidates will be contacted by our regional offices, based on their current hiring needs and policies. Toronto will not be able to provide updates on the status of your application, or extend any job offers.

NOTE: If you have any trouble accessing the application form please email