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Popular with adventure-seekers and nature lovers, Zambia boasts many of the requisite African highlights – parks and reserves filled with big game and abundant birdlife cover almost a third of the country – plus a few magnificent extras. Offering some of the hairiest whitewater on the planet, the mighty Zambezi River draws both adrenaline junkies and madmen to test their mettle. The river drops over one of the world's most impressive waterfalls at Victoria Falls; it was the legendary Dr Livingstone who named them after the then Queen of England. From here, choices are many: set out on walking safari, try river-surfing, or even bungee jump within earshot of the falls.

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Why You Should Visit Victoria Falls from Zambia

Think Africa is all wildlife and acacia trees? Think again. Join Cailin O'Neil in Zambia to whitewater raft, bungee jump, and sit at the edge of Victoria Falls for a change of pace.

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