beautiful lake louise in canada

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The second-largest country on the planet but ranking a mere 37th in population, Canada is a nation defined by its geography. Canada is all you imagine, and much you never expect. Here stretch old-growth forests studded with pristine lakes, endless prairies, and the rugged Arctic where animals outnumber humans; here one can hike or ski into glacial mountains that stretch to infinity and never meet a living soul. But behind the oh-so-natural stereotype, Canada is young, modern, and sophisticated, with cities that have absorbed the best of the world's cultures and combined them into one of the most vibrant multicultural societies on Earth.

men and women boating on a lake
two towers in toronto with bridge
canadian lake with mountains in background

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Jan. 13, 2015, 7:30 p.m.

Join us for an incredible road trip through nearly 1000km (close to 600 miles) of some of the most spectacular and dramatic terrain in North America. From Seattle in the US to Canada’s Banff National Park.

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