Love Changing Lives

Paula, Traveller

I want to share the story about my dream, a dream that came true with the help of G Adventures. I always felt I had a connection with India, but until November 2009 I could only imagine what the country was really like.

Then I travelled to the far reaches of northern India on G Adventures' well-named 'Jewels of North India' tour. I remember one very special night in Varanasi I boarded a boat and rested on the waters of the Ganga. As I looked around I experienced complete spiritual euphoria and my passion for this country became perfectly clear

This great experience was made possible with the help, knowledge and guidance of Bhupendra Sharma. Bhupendra was the guide for this tour and just a wonderful man. He helped make my experience in India all that I could have hoped for and more, so I extend my warmest thanks to him.

Now, I have a business in Adelaide importing Indian home wares to Australia. Thanks G Adventures, you really have changed my life.

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