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Puno, Lake Titicaca and La Paz

5 days,Puno to La Paz

Puno, Lake Titicaca, floating reed islands of the Uros people, La Paz.


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Catch your breath on this high-altitude trip from the highest navigable lake to the highest capital city. Float into Lake Titicaca to the floating reed islands of the Uros people. Next, travel to La Paz, Bolivia, the highest capital in the world. At nearly 4000m, this hilly city can take your breath away in more ways than one. The country's deep indigenous roots are visible in every street market, and its authenticity makes it a favourite for many travellers.

What's Included

  • Guided boat tour of Uros Island on Lake Titicaca, full day tour of Tiahuanaco Arrival and Departure Transfers
  • 4B (Allow USD70-95 for meals not included.)
  • Car, Van, Boat, Walking
  • Chief Experience Officer (CEO)/Guides
  • Comfort hotels (4nts)