Sailing Croatia - Dubrovnik to Split

Itinerary Notes

This itinerary may need to change due to inclement weather conditions. This decision will be made solely at your skipper's discretion, based on the safety of the group and the yacht.

When arranging your transportation, such as flights, please take into consideration these time restrictions for joining and departing from your group.

Latest Arrival Time: 11 a.m.
Earliest Departure Time: 1 p.m.

Day 1Dubrovnik/Adriatic Sea

Arrival day. Join the group at 14:00 for a welcome meeting and safety briefing before beginning the sailing journey to Split at 15:00. Enjoy a nightcap with crew mates on the boat or head out to explore Dubrovnik by night.

Explore the Mediterranean port town of Dubrovnik.

On the Croatia sailing trips, the G Adventures skipper will offer to make a food kitty for small items, such as ice, water, coffee, tea, milk, snacks, drinks, and so on. The average amount suggested for the kitty is around EUR50 per person, per week.

15m (50 ft) sailing yacht
Dubrovnik – Adriatic Sea

Get into the thick of things swiftly aboard one of our cozy, sharp-looking yachts.

Sailing Welcome Meeting

Welcome aboard! Before setting sail meet the skipper and the rest of the group at a welcome meeting. Your skipper should be easy to spot in a G Adventures shirt or with a G Adventures flag at the skipper table.

Days 2–6Adriatic Sea

While travelling the Dalmatian coast by sailboat, discover secluded beaches perfect for a beach barbeque. Hike through the national park in Mljet that inspired Odysseus for years. Kayak through gorgeous inlets and explore the caves of Korčula. Tour the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Dubrovnik and Hvar, which offer insight into Croatian culture and architecture. Explore the beaches of Brač as the tide comes in and shifts their shape. Then, arrive to Split to discover ancient Roman ruins, including the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian.

Our 15m (50 ft) nimble yacht is the perfect platform to explore the gorgeous Adriatic islands. Flexibility is key to adapt to local weather conditions, and the skipper will modify the itinerary to our advantage while sailing. Possible stops include: Brač, Mljet, Ploče, Korčula, and Hvar.

Optional Activities

Brac Island Excursion
Otok Brač

Head to Brač Island to explore its coastline and beaches, and play in crystal clear waters. Have a barbeque lunch on a deserted beach, visit local vineyards, or go for a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea. Be sure to visit the island's well-known Zlanti Rat beach, where the tides, currents, and wind are constantly shifting the shape of the beach.

Hvar Island Excursion

Head out to explore Hvar, a definite must-see and UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy some amazing beaches, nightlife, pop and classical music concerts, and festivals in the city that have inspired many Croatian writers and artists. This island truly has it all!

Korčula Island Excursion

Sail to Marco Polo’s place of birth, Korčula, a typical medieval walled Dalmatian city and one of the Adriatic’s most lush green islands. Indulge yourself on this historic island and forget about the world around you. Discover the caves and secluded beaches that make this an attractive destination for exploration.

Mljet Island Excursion

Stay active on Mljet, well known for being a perfect place for hiking, biking, and swimming. Soak in the island's stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere. This lushly forested island is so seductive, it's said that Odysseus came and stayed for seven years. Take a guided tour of the Mljet National Park, or bask in the green waters by the rocks.

Ploče Excursion

Step ashore at this bustling port town on the Adriatic coast for some shopping, or laze at one of its many beautiful beaches. Take a walk along the splendid coastline, and catch up with your fellow travellers in the evening for dinner.

Day 7Adriatic Sea/Split

Weigh anchor early morning for the last passage to Split. Before crossing the Brač Channel, find a picturesque inlet to enjoy lunch before entering Split harbour. Enjoy the last night aboard, or join the rest of the group for dinner and drinks while reminiscing about the epic journey through the Adriatic Sea.

15m (50 ft) sailing yacht
Adriatic Sea – Split

Get into the thick of things swiftly aboard one of our cozy, sharp-looking yachts.

Free Time

Explore the nightlight of one of the oldest cities in Croatia. Wonder the city streets and marvel at the Roman walls, squares, and temples. Discover the neighbourhood of Varoš, one of the oldest parts of town, which boasts charming houses.

Day 8Split

Departure day. Tour ends in the morning. If you would like extra time in Split after the sailing journey is finished, we recommend booking extra time.

Departure Day

Not ready to leave? Your CEO can help with travel arrangements to extend your adventure.