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Visual Adventure: Lares Trek

G Adventures photographer and art director Leonardo takes us through the Lares Valley, not only to capture its unique landscapes, but to offer insight into this remote and rarely visited region.

by G Adventures

Your Planet in 7 Seconds: Waterfall Fight in Thailand

This ain't your community pool. This is an out-there-in-the-world, new-culture-exposing, don’t-forget-to-have-the-time-of-your-life, family travel experience. You've got seven seconds to see it, don't you?

by G Adventures

Time-Lapse Tuesday: Water Temple in Bali

On Lake Bratan in the Balinese highlands is where you will find the Pura Bratan temple complex. It's also where our Time-lapse Tuesday is headed. Buckle up!

by G Adventures

Your planet in 7 Seconds: Glacier in Antarctica

Most people who've travelled to Antarctica will tell you you never really get used to the feeling of cruising past glaciers and ice floes. All it takes is seven seconds to escape to the great white south. Can you spare it?

by G Adventures

Your planet in 7 seconds: Nighttime Carousel

There's magic in certain moments of each day; you've just got to know how to see it. Today's moment takes us to Beaune, France where every adult can have instant access to their childhood on this carousel ride

by G Adventures

Your Planet in 7 Seconds: Blue-footed booby

This week on "Your Planet in 7 Seconds", we're asking you – what is this curious (and cute) Galápagos blue-footed booby looking at? Tell us what you think has caught his eye.

by G Adventures

Your Planet in 7 Seconds: Kilimanjaro

Lace up your boots as we head to Tanzania’s Kili. Preparing for a trek of this magnitude is often met with a bit of nerves. However, G Adventures' very own Stephanie Lipton found that a little singing and dancing with Kili’s porters set the tone for a life-changing journey to the summit.

by G Adventures

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