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​7 Breathtaking Photos of the Night Sky

From the Canadian Rockies to Finland’s Lake District, we searched Instagram for seven stargazers who've turned staying up all night into an art form.

by Daniel Sendecki

Your planet in 7 seconds: Wallaby in South Australia

We're going to assume the chances are pretty slim today, that a sweetly-smiling wallaby will be eating directly out of your hand. So from us, to you, here are seven seconds to give you the warm fuzzies.

by G Adventures

South Australia’s Top 5 Outdoor Activities

Take it outdoors with writer, photographer and 'Best Job In The World' winner Greg Snell as he shares his favourite ways to explore South Australia—and learn how you could win a trip to Australia (airfare included!)

by Greg Snell

Get Up High and Down Low in Oz!

Join writer, photographer and 'Best Job In The World' winner Greg Snell as he discovers another Down Under—and learn how you could win a trip to Australia (airfare included!)

by Greg Snell

Top Five Adventures in Western Australia

With its dramatic landscapes, saltwater crocodiles, all variety of ‘roos (kangaroos, wallaroos, wallabies), classic Aussie bush camping, and plenty of warm welcome, Western Australia is packed with amazing and unusual things to do. Here are just a few to fuel your travel dreams.

by Genevieve Hathaway

Pics of the Week: Paths

The path represents a journey, allowing us to dream and to be inspired. Let our Pics of the Week take you from Greece to Mongolia to discover that no matter what path you're on, it's leading somewhere. That's the idea, right

by Sacha Mlynek

Pics of the Week: Sunsets

They happen around the world every hour of every day; you just have to make room to see them. They offer moments of pause and consideration that our planet is bigger than we think. They are sunsets and they’re this week’s feature for Pics of the Week. Join us as we gaze upon these beauties from Greece to Australia

by Sacha Mlynek

Best of Australia - State By State

Eager to sink your teeth into Australia but feel overwhelmed by its massiveness? Wanderer-in-Residence Gary Arndt shares his state-by-state list of the top things to see Down Under.

by Gary Arndt

Tournament of Wonders: One Thing to Rule Them All

The first-ever Tournament of Wonders wraps up this Sunday starting at noon EST, when Australia’s Great Barrier Reef faces off against Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands in the championship match. Once the matchup is live, book on over to and make your vote count

by Steve English

The Camel Cup: Happy “Hump” Day!

This weekend is Australia's Camel Cup, a race where camels replace horses and spectators... well, laugh. Learn more about this bizarre spectacle on the Looptail now

by Louise Miller

Pics of the Week: Deserts

A desert is defined as an area that receives little precipitation. And although the first image that springs to mind is usually a vast, hot sea of sand, the Arctic and Antarctica are home to deserts, too. Here's a small collection of shots of our favourite arid spots

by G Adventures

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