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Your Planet in 7 Seconds: Waterfall Fight in Thailand

This ain't your community pool. This is an out-there-in-the-world, new-culture-exposing, don’t-forget-to-have-the-time-of-your-life, family travel experience. You've got seven seconds to see it, don't you?

by G Adventures

Thailand's Top 6 Islands

With hundreds of islands scattered through the glittering Andaman Sea and the gorgeous Gulf of Thailand, choosing which of Thailand’s southern islands to visit can be daunting. So how to choose.

by Daniel Sendecki

Next Time You Travel, Move Right In

Slow down. Breathe. Stay in one place. Experience the surrounding area like someone who lives there. G Adventures’ own Leah Griffin takes the time to explain our Local Living trips.

by Leah Griffin

A Brief History of Kissing Across Cultures

In honour of Valentine’s Day, discover the birthplace of today’s romantic kiss, learn how ‘X’ became the symbol for smooching, and master the 'hawm-gaem'—Thailand's ‘sniff kiss’. Pucker up with G Adventures' very own Daniel Sendecki as he spans the globe in pursuit of everything there is to know about everyone’s favourite social gesture—the kiss.

by Daniel Sendecki

Road Romances: Tales from Travellers

We asked for tales of love from the road—and you answered! Here are four couples whose adventures continued long after they unpacked!

by Daniel Sendecki

Your planet in 7 seconds: Bangkok Bells

All over this great wide world there are moments being collected and memories being made. On one side, the sun rises over the ocean, while on the other, a campfire crackles in the moonlight. When we focus the lens of our mind’s eye, we see all kinds of connections. Today, we're taking you to Bangkok to see how a tiny person can make such a big noise

by G Adventures

Getting Around Bangkok

So, you're travelling to Bangkok and you've heard some rumours that it's a chaotic and high-traffic city. Well, you're right about that but fear not, we've got you covered with how to master all means of transportation in this famous city. Get on the bus and let's go!

by Phil Wild

Time-Lapse Tuesday: Wats of Bangkok

Escape the chaos of the raucous Bangkok streets and take a breath out among many of the Wats that stand sentinel over this famous city. These temple complexes serve as both a reminder of a time gone by and a religion (Buddhism) that is still very much in practice.

by G Adventures

Top 5 Bangkok good eats

New Zealand native Brendan Lee takes us on a whirling foodie tour of the top five eats in Bangkok. And guess what? Pad Thai ain't on this list.

by Brendan Lee

Time-Lapse Tuesday: Bangkok's River of Kings

#TimelapseTuesday features Bangkok's River of Kings: more of a highway than a waterway, with its long-tail boats and ferry companies helping with the city's congested commute.

by G Adventures

Instagramming Thailand: Southern Sailing

Scrolling through these Instagram pics of sailing through southern Thailand is almost as relaxing as being there. Well, maybe not, but we sure hope they inspire you to check out this beautiful part of the world.

by Evert Lamb

Pics of the Week: Thailand

Check out our Pics of the Week this time around as we peek in on the people and places, (not to mention food you’ll likely crave for the rest of your life) that make Thailand what it is

by Jason Allen

Ya, I Ate That: The Thrills of Eating Weird Stuff Abroad

We've all been there – that dreaded (or thrilling) moment when someone offers you something squirmy, crunchy or even still-alive to eat. See how Emily M of G Adventures learned that life is always surprising when you're ready for anything.

by Emily Mikus

Wash Away Bad Vibes with Thailand's Songkran Festival

If you want to experience a country explode into water-fighting madness, then Thailand is the place to be during the nation’s New Year celebrations. Known as the Songkran Festival, this three-day event falls at the end of the dry season in mid-April

by Oana Dragan

Video Diary: Sailing Southern Thailand

I recently had the opportunity to take a sailing trip around the Thai Islands off the coast of Phuket. Myself, along with other travellers from around the globe boarded our catamaran and set sail for open water. Every day, we enjoyed amazing scenery on the calm waters of the Andaman Sea. Lush jungles and jagged [&hellip

by Evert Lamb

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