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Experience Haiti: Part 1

Forget everything you think you know about Haiti. It’s time to look beyond images of devastating natural disasters or political instability and redefine Haiti as a destination for those wanting to see another side of the Caribbean, off the beaten path. Join us this week as we explore Haiti in real time through social media.

by Stephanie Nairn

Haiti's Citadelle le Ferrière

Travel writer and guidebook author Paul Clammer shares his take on Haiti’s Citadelle le Ferrière—the most impressive of fortresses in the entire Americas.

by Paul Clammer

Visual Adventure: UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Japan

Wanderer-in-Residence Gary Arndt takes us on a Visual Adventure through the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Japan. Come along and find out that, while vastly different, the one thing they have in common is their ability to remind us how special and unique Japan really is

by Gary Arndt

West Africa Cruise with Gary Arndt: Week 4

Have you been following along with Wanderer-in-Residence Gary Arndt as he recalls his time on the West Africa Cruise? We've got week four of the sailing served up!

by Gary Arndt

Five Ways to Dig Deeper into Borneo

Becki Enright offers up five ways to dig deeper into Malaysian Borneo—a landmass dominated by jungles and home to some of the most rare and incredible species on the planet

by Becki Enright

Pics of the Week: Highlights of Jordan

This week, we’re taking you to Jordan with our “Pics of the Week” to give you a taste of what you may experience in this mesmerizing country

by Daniel Sendecki

Visual Adventure: Petra

Follow Wanderer-in-Residence Gary Arndt on a photo journey through Petra in Jordan

by Gary Arndt

Top 5 Ethiopia Experiences

Ethiopia wasn’t what I expected. I had imagined vast arid landscapes and malnourished children with popped-out bellies based on what I’d ever seen in the news about this North African country. To the contrary in fact, Ethiopia was green and lush and the children full of energy and curiosity. With a culture deeply rooted in [&hellip

by Kathy Meresz

Road Tripping Along the East Coast of the United States

Every summer I like to break up my international travels by traveling in North America. In 2010, I took a multi-month road trip that took me from Wisconsin to Virginia, through Washington DC, New York, Boston and Maine. Here are some of the highlights of my trip and places I’d recommend to anyone exploring the eastern United States

by Gary Arndt

Best of Nepal: from Mountain Trekking to Wildlife Watching

Stretching from the Himalayan mountain range to the sultry jungles of the Terai plains, Nepal is a nirvana for adventure lovers like me. Wedged between two giants – India and China – the Himalayan nation is a relatively small country and yet it surprisingly packs a punch with its dramatic landscapes and rich Hindu culture [&hellip

by Nellie Huang

48 Hours in…Budapest

G Adventures' own Kathy Meresz shares her favourite spots around Budpest.

by Kathy Meresz

Off-the-Beaten-Track China

If you crave more of an off-the-beaten-track adventure, it’s well worth considering concentrating on the area surrounding Beijing – the Shanxi province

by Becki Enright

Top Adventures in Australia: From Bushwalking to Scuba Diving

The land Down Under is packed with unique landscapes and spectacular terrain found nowhere else in the world. Only 10% of the country is inhabited by humans — the rest is pure wilderness. I’ve explored the continent in various different ways: from hiking in deserts to plunging underwater. If you’re looking to explore the continent [&hellip

by Nellie Huang

Looking Back in Time at Machu Picchu

How do you tell time? Do you have a fancy watch, or do you check your smartphone to stay punctual? Neither of these technologies were an option for the ancient Inca—instead, they had intihuatana, ritual stones that served as an astronomic clock or calendar

by Caitlin Hotchkiss

3 Colonial Mexican Cities To Visit Now

Mexico’s colonial cities were financed in silver, disease and destruction, as the Spanish crown clashed with indigenous civilizations to extend its territories. Despite the devastating effects colonization had on the region, today’s colonial cities are proof that roses can grow from concrete or, in this case, cobblestone. Some of Mexico’s best colonial cities can be [&hellip

by Randy and Bethany

Visual Adventure: Central America

This February I had the pleasure of traveling with G Adventures on their inaugural Mayan Ruins and Culture tour. It took us through El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala where we were able to visit many of the sites in the heartland of the former Mayan empire. We visited four Mayan ruins: Joya de Cerén, Copan, [&hellip

by Gary Arndt

Trekking Angel Falls in Venezuela

It may not be the huge shelf of water that Niagara is, but the fact that the water of Angel Falls, ahem, falls uninterrupted from such a great height is pretty darn cool

by Caitlin Hotchkiss

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