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Experience Haiti: Part 2

From secluded waterfalls and perfectly green hills to the incredible art scene of Jacmel, we’ve been exploring Haiti this week through bloggers and journalists contributing to #GadvHaiti. We've captured highlights from the last half of the trip below.

by Stephanie Nairn

Experience Haiti: Part 1

Forget everything you think you know about Haiti. It’s time to look beyond images of devastating natural disasters or political instability and redefine Haiti as a destination for those wanting to see another side of the Caribbean, off the beaten path. Join us this week as we explore Haiti in real time through social media.

by Stephanie Nairn

West Africa Cruise with Gary Arndt: Week 4

Have you been following along with Wanderer-in-Residence Gary Arndt as he recalls his time on the West Africa Cruise? We've got week four of the sailing served up!

by Gary Arndt

This is your planet: New Zealand

Nobody does New Zealand better than G Adventures. Check out this magical landscape of wild snow-capped mountains, shining lakes, and roaring rivers in today's video. It'll leave you aching to explore this giant playground and we'd be happy to show you how to enjoy New Zealand's world-class “tramping”, skiing, and rafting

by Daniel Sendecki

48 Hours in... Auckland

G Adventures' very own Casey Mead—a proud Kiwi—shares her favourite spots in and around Auckland.

by Casey Mead

Italy’s Stunning Amalfi Coast

I can't remember where I was or what I was doing the first time I saw a photograph of Italy's Amalfi Coast. But one thing I do remember is that I couldn't stop staring at the beautiful landscape, finding it hard to believe that it was even real.

by Pamela Roth

An Insider’s Look at Costa Rica

It's no secret that Costa Rica is a popular destination, particularly for nature enthusiasts and first-time visitors to Central America. But what is Costa Rica all about? Who are the people? And what are the highlights and must-sees? In this interview with Gabriel Quiros (aka, “Gabo”), a G Adventures Chief Experience Officer (CEO) from Costa [&hellip

by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott

Visual Adventure: Greek Islands Sailing

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of the landscape of the Greek Islands. Year after year, my wall calendar always featured images of whitewashed houses with contrasting cobalt-blue doors and shutters, and rows of red geraniums perched along terraces overlooking the aquamarine kaleidoscope of the Aegean Sea

by Kathy Meresz

The Paris of Africa: How Cape Town Surprised Me

The country had been painted in a way that advised me to use caution while travelling there. However, this drove me to get there and experience it for myself, and hopefully debunk any negative ideas about South Africa. I soon learned that this wasn’t hard to do.

by Cailin O Neil

The Real Residents of the Galápagos: Falling in Love with Sea lions

They cuddle, they kiss, they run funny, they swim beautifully — and they’re everywhere. ­Not just on beaches and uninhabited islands, they live in the towns, on benches, next to parked cars, or wherever they feel like they want to hang out. Sea lions are not just adorable, they are highly entertaining and fascinating animals. To [&hellip

by Conni Biesalski

Top Five Destinations in South Australia

Planning to visit Australia in the near future? We've got five areas of South Australia that could have you leaving with a much more rounded experience of the land Down Under. Read on to find out more

by Chris Richardson

3 Colonial Mexican Cities To Visit Now

Mexico’s colonial cities were financed in silver, disease and destruction, as the Spanish crown clashed with indigenous civilizations to extend its territories. Despite the devastating effects colonization had on the region, today’s colonial cities are proof that roses can grow from concrete or, in this case, cobblestone. Some of Mexico’s best colonial cities can be [&hellip

by Randy and Bethany

G Adventures Weekly Photo Contest: Beach

This past week’s theme in our Weekly Facebook Photo Contest was BEACH. We wanted to see some of your stunning shots from the shore . Hundreds submitted some amazing pics and below are some of our favorites. Plus at the very end we have this week’s winner who will receive a $500 G Adventures travel voucher that can be [&hellip

by G Adventures

Secret Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of those unique destinations you can’t even begin to formulate expectations for. Venturing into the previously war-torn region of West Africa is like charting a new course on the ever-expanding tourist trail

by Rachel Wasser

Life’s a Beach – and a Rainforest – at Manuel Antonio National Park

We’re in a pretty upbeat frame of mind here at G Adventures. I mean, that comes standard with working for the coolest travel company in the world, but things are even more electric now that the G Project’s Summit in the Jungle is imminent. Come September, the four finalists of the G Project will be [&hellip

by Caitlin Hotchkiss

48 Hours in...Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia is a city in Eastern Europe whose popularity has been increasing greatly in the past few years.

by Cailin O Neil

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