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A Journey Across the North of India

Join travel writer Greg Snell as he takes on the North of India and discovers its power to provoke emotion, passion, and love.

by Greg Snell

Disruptive Innovation: Women on the Road in Delhi

In celebration of International Women's Day, G Adventures' very own Oana Dragan takes to the streets of Delhi where local women are ensuring the safe transfer of women travelling with G Adventures from airport to hotel. This ambitious new program, dubbed Women on Wheels, trains women from Delhi's slums as certified commercial drivers, providing them not only with employment, but independence.

by Oana Dragan

A Brief History of Kissing Across Cultures

In honour of Valentine’s Day, discover the birthplace of today’s romantic kiss, learn how ‘X’ became the symbol for smooching, and master the 'hawm-gaem'—Thailand's ‘sniff kiss’. Pucker up with G Adventures' very own Daniel Sendecki as he spans the globe in pursuit of everything there is to know about everyone’s favourite social gesture—the kiss.

by Daniel Sendecki

5 of the World’s Greatest Journeys by Train

From the world’s slowest express to the longest continuous service in the world, we share five must-do-before-you-die train journeys that are among the best our planet has to offer.

by Daniel Sendecki

Preparing for a Trip to India

To say that India is an experience for all five senses is an understatement. But that's what makes it so memorable.

by Stephan Popescu

Top 5 Gluten-Free Snacks from Northern India

Jodi Ettenberg forgos some of India's more traditional curries or meals in favour of highlighting some of Rajasthan's gluten-free snacks on a most recent trip to India with her mother.

by Jodi Ettenberg

Your planet in 7 seconds: Messy India

Today, we take seven seconds and drop ourselves right into the middle of the action of India’s Holi festival. (Hey, sometimes having fun means getting a little messy, right?)

by G Adventures

Mother-Daughter Bonding at the Taj: Travelling India

The seeds of my India trip began almost a year ago, when I asked my mother what sight she would want to see in her lifetime but was nervous about visiting alone. “The Taj!” she exclaimed almost immediately.

by Jodi Ettenberg

Adventures in India: The Pushkar Camel Fair

The Pushkar Camel Fair in India is one of the world’s largest camel and livestock fairs. It takes place in the Rajasthani town of Pushkar each November, during the full moon and the holy festival of Kartik Purnima.

by Cailin O Neil

Your planet in 7 seconds: Snake Charmer

Amazing things happen on this big blue planet of ours every day, and when they do, G Adventures is there to capture them. “This is Your Planet in 7 Seconds” is a mini-feature to showcase those wild, weird, and wonderful things. Just give us seven seconds and we’ll show you the world! Join us on [&hellip

by G Adventures

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