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Instagrams of the Week: The Inca Trail

Memorable moments are plentiful on the Inca Trail’s four-day trek—and you can count on G Adventures travellers to capture the magic on Instagram.

by Mark Bonington

Dead Woman's Pass on the Inca Trail

You've heard about it, dreaded it, tried to consider how high 4,215m really is. Fear not. G Adventures' own Jason Allen explains that with a little gumption, the highest pass on the Inca Trail yields the highest rewards.

by Jason Allen

Visual Adventure: Lares Trek

G Adventures photographer and art director Leonardo Tamburri takes us through the Lares Valley, not only to capture its unique landscapes, but to offer insight into this remote and rarely visited region.

by G Adventures

How Challenging is the Inca Trail?

While it may seem daunting, the Inca Trail isn’t the exclusive domain of experienced trekkers. It can be conquered by almost anyone.

by Jason Allen

5 Myths about Travelling with Kids

Think parenting means giving up your backpack for a diaper bag? Think again. Travel blogger Jenna Francisco dispels 5 of the top myths about travelling with kids.

by Jenna Francisco

Next Time You Travel, Move Right In

Slow down. Breathe. Stay in one place. Experience the surrounding area like someone who lives there. G Adventures’ own Leah Griffin takes the time to explain our Local Living trips.

by Leah Griffin

48 hours in... Bachelor Party in Cusco

If you've ever been invited to a bachelor party you have an idea of what you're in for. But what if that bachelor party were in Cusco, Peru? Travel blogger Greg Snell shares his late-night and early-morning experiences. Grab an Alka Seltzer and settle in.

by Greg Snell

Instagrams of the Week: Family travel

Most of the time it goes like this: dream, save, plan, go. But when you've got a family to consider, that list tends to grow a little longer. It doesn't have to. Come along with us as our Instagrams of the Week seek to inspire you and your family to start dreaming. Leave the rest to us.

by Sacha Mlynek

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