cliffs of moher, ireland

Celtic pride, natural glory

A land of rolling emerald plains dotted with castles and ringed by rocky mountains, Ireland looks like something out of a fairytale. But believe us – it is very, very real. The true magic of this place presents itself in the lived-in details: the characteristic taste of a pint of dark stout poured by a wizened bartender in a small-town pub; the crisp, clean air that fills your lungs as you wander a Stone Age cemetery; the spongy feel of the impossibly lush turf beneath your boots as you hike into the hills. Ireland is where fiction becomes fact, and myth is more real than anything you’ve lived before. Turn the page and see where the story takes you next.

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Green beer and shamrock hats aside, how much do you really know about the origins of St Patrick’s Day and what it has meant for religion, culture, and the history of Ireland? We’re going to provide you with a short primer so you can showcase your “gift of gab” after a few pints of Guinness

Visual Adventure: Instagramming a Journey Around Ireland

A journey around Ireland knows rolling carpets of absolute green yielding to rugged stonewashed cliffs that point to the edges of the earth. It knows open roads and narrowing hedgerows tracing through hills, ending in a coastline whose winds blow so strong they'll stop you in your tracks