15 days,Edinburgh to Longyearbyen

Ship cruise around Bjørnøya – a birdwatcher’s paradise, discover Torghatten – one of the most bizarre rock formations in Norway, explore the mysteriously beautiful Træna archipelago, witness the Standing Stones of Stenness, explore the intriguing Ring of Brodgar and the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Skara Brae and Geiranger fjord

Room Prices

  • From$5599USDCategory 1 Triple
  • From$6599USDCategory 2 Twin
  • From$7799USDCategory 3 Twin
  • From$8899USDCategory 4 Twin
  • From$9899USDCategory 5 Double
  • From$4999USDCategory 1A Quad

Take part in a mystical North Atlantic journey and explore the various medieval towns of the Norwegian coast before heading north to the island of Spitsbergen. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ply the Norwegian Sea, keeping your eyes open for unique wildlife while searching for the elusive polar bear.

What's Included

  • 14 nts aboard the G Expedition
  • Edinburgh meeting point to ship transfer
  • Zodiac and land excursions with our expert expedition team
  • Guided tour of ancient ruins in the Orkney Islands
  • Visit to a local village in the Lofoten Islands
  • Guided tour of Tromso, including museums, a cathedral and a cable car
  • Longyearbyen transfer to airport depending on your flight details
  • Waterproof boots supplied for USA size 6 - 16
  • Expedition parka
  • All meals included aboard the G Expedition.
  • G Expedition, Zodiac, local buses, coach.
  • 1 Expedition team member per 10 guests.
  • Aboard the G Expedition in quad-, triple-, twin-share cabins, or suites (all with en suite bathrooms and porthole or window) (14 nts). Please note that all cabins consist of twin-size berths and are ocean-facing. Suites have 1 queen bed.

Additions Available on This Tour


Day 1Edinburgh/Kirkwall(1D)

The G Expedition departs in the evening at 4pm.

Day 2Kirkwall/Lerwick(1B, 1L, 1D)

Visit historic and mystical sites by coach on this remote island. Explore the Standing Stones of Stenness the intriguing Ring of Brodgar and the village of Skara Brae.

Day 3Lerwick/Nordfjord(1B, 1L, 1D)

Continue northwards to the remote Shetland Islands.

Day 4Nordfjord/Geiranger(1B, 1L, 1D)

Weather and time permitting, stop in Olden for a short bus ride to the Birksdal area and a walk to a glacier.

Day 5Geiranger/Munkholmen(1B, 1L, 1D)

Sail deep into one of Norway's most beautiful fjords and into the mainland. The Geirangerfjord is one of Norway's most visited sites and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 6Munkholmen/Torghatten(1B, 1L, 1D)

Sail towards Munkholmen, just off the shore of Trondheim. The Benedictine monks built a monastery in the 11th century, and today it's a recreational area. Later, visit Austrått, which has been a residence for many nobles who played a significant role in Norway's development.

Day 7Torghatten/Svartisen(1B, 1L, 1D)

The rugged coastline of central Norway features some of the world’s most beautiful nature. The captain will negotiate with local Norwegian pilots to determine our best Zodiac landing options.

Day 8Svartisen/Lofoten(1B, 1L, 1D)

Visit Svartisen and Vikingen, for beautiful glaciers and a globe sculpture which marks Vikingen as a point directly on the Arctic Circle.

Day 9Lofoten/Tromsø(1B, 1L, 1D)

The Lofoten archipelago is an enchanting area of picturesque villages by the sea backed with jagged peaks. Go ashore via coach on the island of Å, where cod fishing is still a major part of the economy. In the evening, be sure to be on deck as you cruise into one of Norway's most famous fjords, the short yet dramatic Trollfjord, and search the cliffs for Norway's mythical beings: trolls.

Day 10Tromsø/Hornsund(1B, 1L, 1D)

Explore this northern haven and be sure to visit the Arctic Cathedral, whose unique architecture is evocative of snow and icebergs.

Day 11Tromsø/Hornsund(1B, 1L, 1D)

Sail past mist-shrouded Bjørnøya (Bear Island) – a birdwatcher's paradise featuring spectacular views.

Days 12–13Hornsund/Festningen(1B, 1L, 1D)

Explore this archipelago of deep fjords, mountains and massive ice sheets. Keep your eyes open for walruses, seals, reindeer, Arctic foxes and, of course, polar bears.

Day 14Festningen/Longyearbyen(1B, 1L, 1D)

The highlight of Festningen ("the fortress") is an impressive dike of rock that runs along the top of a small cliff where fossilized footprints of dinosaurs have been discovered. Alkhornet features a towering horn of rock which serves as a nesting site for thousands of guillemots and kittiwakes, while foxes and reindeer take advantage of the lush tundra vegetation below the cliffs.

Day 15Longyearbyen(1B)

Disembarkation is scheduled for 08:00.

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